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My Story

Born in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up in Washington DC, Tom Gay always had a sense of wanderlust, which permitted him to travel worldwide. As a result, Tom has lived in Spain and currently resides in the beautiful Sydney, Australia.
Tom Gay graduated from Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Global Marketing. Tom is also a former gold medallist in track and field. With a speciality in hurdles, he has won several medals throughout his athletic career. In 2014, Tom competed in the Gay Games in Cleveland and was invited to compete in the EuroGames, hosted in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015, walking away with the gold.
Aside from his athletic career, his passion truly lies in front of the camera. With over 15 years of modelling experience, Tom Gay is a seasoned professional. He has appeared in high fashion photoshoots and brought his passion onto the runway.
With his long-standing background in modelling, a producer asked Tom to become the co-host and judge for Miss Multiverse Australia, a series that centres around beautiful, multifaceted women from around the country to crown a winner. Since then, Tom has continued to show his unique and vibrant persona to viewers at home, appearing on both Australian and American networks.
Acting and television presenting is a natural progression from modelling for Tom. In 2017, he landed his first presenting role, hosting KFC Cribs in the Australian desert for the ‘Bringing the Bird to Birdsville’ campaign.
Tom’s goal is to continue to have an established international presence in both the American and Australian media industries. He ultimately wants to present a game show or have his own talk show.
If you want someone who gives a dose of vibrancy to your projects, look no further than Tom Gay from the USA!

What I really want to write...

Hey everyone! I’m Tom Gay from the USA, and before you ask, YES, Gay is my last name, not a stage name, nor did I change it. 😉
I was born in a small town in Northeast Ohio, where my mom met my dad and well…. you know the rest! I have a loving sister and an awesome nephew. Growing up, track and field was a huge passion of mine. Of course, I’m not training like I used to as my creative side of acting, modelling, marketing and tv hosting has taken over. I moved to Australia to further my marketing career and I’m very humbled to have ended up on television screens across the nation. I am very thankful to everyone who has led me in the right direction. I’m so passionate about what I do and if I have a vision in mind I find a way to accomplish it! When life has become tough or overwhelming my dad always reminds me that, “Us Gay’s never quit!” That has truly stuck with me to this day!
Beyond that, I am quite adventurous, free-spirited and outgoing and always ready to take on new challenges, so let me know what I can do for you! Happy to jump on board! Let’s get creative!

Tom Gay



Gay Games

Tom won two gold medals, one silver and one bronze, at the Gay Games, hosted in Akron/Cleveland, Ohio.


Hello Australia!

Tom Gay moved to Australia to further his marketing career internationally. Little did he know, he would lend his presenting and acting talent to the Australian television screens.


First step into Australian showbiz

Tom hosted KFC Cribs in the Australian Desert and became the co-host and judge of Miss Multiverse Australia.


Launched The Big Bounce

Tom launched the World’s Largest Inflatable Theme Park, “The Big Bounce”, in Australia! Tom and the team are currently in the works to expand to New Zealand.


Massive year for Tom

Tom Gay is everywhere! He appears in numerous Australian household brand commercials such as Woolworths, Sensodyne, Telstra, Samsung, NAB, KFC and Menulong.


Establishing International Presence

He also appeared in commercials in his native country, the USA.
He made cameos in the H&R Block commercial and was a contestant on Name That Tune on Fox TV. Watch out for him this year as he features in new creative content.